Bei Bei The Giant Panda Bids Goodbye To The National Zoo

Bei Bei the giant panda will be traveling to China from the Washington DC National Zoo.

Reportedly, Bei Bei was named by previous First Lady Michelle Obama in 2015.

The giant panda will be leaving for China on Tuesday. Bei Bei is said to be trained in a travel crate by panda keepers before it finally travels to Chengdu, China.

Once acclimated, Bei Bei will be spending some time with the crate’s doors closed and he will be offered treats.

Bei Bei’s farewell is a part of the National Zoo’s agreement with the China Wildlife Conservation Association.

The agreement states that all cubs born at the National Zoo must move to China upon turning four years old.

“Our giant pandas represent much of what the Smithsonian does best, from conservation to education,”Lonnie Bunch, Secretary of the Smithsonian, states.

“As we say goodbye to our beloved Bei Bei, our conservation scientists will continue to work in collaboration to prevent these animals from disappearing, giving them the opportunity to thrive in the wild, inspiring and teaching generations to come,” Bunch continued.

According to People, Bei Bei will be flown non-stop from Washington DC to Chengdu, China through a FedEx B777 aircraft.

The National Zoo has held an online and on-site series of “Bye Bye, Bei Bei” events in honor of the beloved giant panda.



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