Clickbank Breaks the Internet to launch on October 23rd

ClickBank Partnered with Justin Atlan to create the most ambitious training program.

If you are not familiar with Justin Atlan, he is an entrepreneur, consultant, and most definitely an adventurer when it comes to all things marketing. He has always been a part of the Clickbank family ever since he was just 18 years old. And during that time, he has already been making full-time earnings, which is all the more impressive for a guy his age. 

Come 2014, Justin decided to form a partnership with Clickbank to start an educational platform on Clickbank, which is aptly named Clickbank University. And with its success, it has been recognized by Clickbank as its own official training program that currently has an increasing number of more than 20,000 entrepreneurs.

It is surely something to be excited for that Justin and Clickbank once again formed an alliance that is called Clickbank Breaks the Internet. It is an ambitious training program that covers all aspects involving Clickbank and teaches all the known effective strategies that Justin had tackled in Clickbank University. 

And on 23rd of October, this training program will open its doors to the public, which we will see if it really does live up to our expectations. As of now, we have no idea what will be the entirety of the program, so it is highly imperative to be the first in line to know if it will be a good program or not.

Honestly, I already had high regard towards Justin Atlan based on ClickBank University alone, but since ClickBank Breaks the Internet is on an entirely new level, I am very much curious about how he will pull it off. As I said, it is a pretty ambitious training program, and I cannot possibly wait what it entails.

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