In the colony of Kaliningrad, prisoners opened their veins

Prisoners of the Kaliningrad colony N8 attempted suicide by opening their veins. Thus, they protested against beatings by guards. According to them, complaints do not go outside the colony, and unwanted administrations have been sitting in a punitive isolator (SIZO) for months, writes Sever.Realii .

Information about the incident appeared in early September in social networks and on the website in the “Open Letters” section. The authors of the unsigned appeal described in detail how eight people opened their veins “in the desperate hope of attracting the attention of supervisory and controlling departments.”

The day after the mass suicide attempt, starting from 7 a.m. until lunchtime, all high-security convicts in the pre-trial detention center (including those who attempted suicide) began to be taken out of the cells one at a time into courtyards where there are no video surveillance cameras. There, the convicts were forced to take the so-called “safe position”, after which they were brutally beaten with their fists, legs and “special equipment” – with electric shockers and rubber batons.

The actions of the overseers were led by the head of the strict regime major of internal service Yakovlev, as well as the head of the security department Sadykov. The authors of the letter describing the events in the colony called the incident “inhuman torture in the spirit of the Gestapo.”

According to updated data, six people opened their veins in the colony, not eight, but Vitaly Ivanov, Sergey Schukin, Vladislav Andryushin, Maxim Osipenko, Dmitry Malyshev, Alexey Naruben.

Other details became clear: the convicted Schukin opened his veins not only on his hands, but also on his stomach and neck. The prisoners managed to film how they carry him out on a stretcher. It was uploaded to the network, but almost immediately removed.

The prisoner IK-8 contacted the Sever.Realia editorial office through social networks, who said that only Schukin was now in the medical unit, and the rest of the battered participants in the incident were in the pre-trial detention center.

“After the autopsy, they came in the morning and continued to expel. Believe me, the screams were heard inhuman. I want the public to know what’s going on at IK-8,” the source said. “I wrote to some relatives who contact the prosecutor’s office there they are told that everything is fine, that the convicts have no beatings, that is, they again want to turn it off so that the convicts are guilty, there are no bruises after the electric shockers. it can be seen that the employee in too much of a typical day. “

As the sister of one of the prisoners, Angelika Ashurmamedova, said that another convict called her and on behalf of her brother sent a request to file an appeal with the prosecutor. “But in our district prosecutor’s office they told me: there will be evidence, then come. I just don’t know who to contact. This boy told me that he himself hadn’t” opened “, but he was dragged into the yard and beaten, they used stun guns,” – added the woman.

The prisoner’s sister asked not to give any names so as not to harm her brother, who is now in a pre-trial detention center. “But if these, I apologize, goats are sent to court, I will speak too,” she promised.

In response to a request from the editorial board of Sever.Realia, the acting head of the regional Federal Penitentiary Service Evgeny Burkin said that “three prisoners committed an act of self-mutilation, which was demonstratively blackmail in nature.” “They were provided with the necessary medical assistance in a timely manner. An inspection is being carried out on this fact,” he explained.

According to Burkin, “blackmailers” are serving sentences for grave and especially grave crimes. “They were sent to the punishment cell for systematic violations of the regime of serving the sentence and refusal to comply with the legal requirements of the colony administration. Each has more than 50 penalties,” the representative of the FSIN said.

Employees of the PMC and the Federal Penitentiary Service held a conversation with the convicts. Complaints and allegations of illegal use of physical force and special means have been received, said the interim head of the Federal Penitentiary Service. He also said that all correspondence of prisoners in the correctional institution was registered and sent by mail.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor’s office has already denied the information of the FSIN. There were not three, but six people who committed the act of self-mutilation, said Igor Pokshivatov, prosecutor for monitoring compliance with laws in the region’s correctional institutions.

According to him, all prisoners received medical assistance, there is no threat to their life and health.

The prosecutor added that the fact of self-mutilation testifies to violations committed by officers of the FSIN. “This is at least the presence of prohibited items in the convicts, namely, blades from disposable razors with which they were cut. This indicates that the work to remove the blades was not properly performed. The convicts are given a razor for the period of hygiene measures and then taken away. How they got the blades is a question for the employees, “said Pokshivatov.

According to the chairman of the PMC, Svetlana Kondratyeva, that day she was in the colony and talked with the doctors who sewed up the wounds of the prisoners. However, the convicts themselves did not complain of ill-treatment. “They didn’t complain about the beatings, although they could. But we have to complain about a certain employee, and they were silent,” Kondratyev said.

According to her, the prisoners inflicted wounds due to disagreement with the rules of the internal routine: supposedly they do not want to clean the yard after a walk (for this, a duty officer is appointed from among the prisoners).

One of the convicts confirmed the conflict with the administration for this reason. “They are forced to clean spitting and bull-calves that they didn’t throw in the courtyards. The question is, why should they clean it up after someone? They’re fried with electric current for refusing to go for a walk. Mikhail Averyev , the inspector in the pre-trial detention center, repeatedly provoked the convicts in order to later present to the shift what the convicts themselves provoke – and then they are taken to the courtyards, and again the current, “the prisoner explained.

Another reason for the dissatisfaction of the prisoners is the administration’s nit-picking, because of which prisoners may not leave the pre-trial detention center for a long time. This was told by the sister of the prisoner, Angelika Ashurmamedov. According to her brother, one prisoner has been sitting in a pre-trial detention center for a year now, although under the law a person can be sent there for only 15 days. However, when the period of stay in the detention center expires, a prisoner is assigned a new term for another violation.

Any trifle in violation of the regime may be a reason for placement in a punishment cell: he did not fasten the button, he did not hem the tag correctly, he did not greet his superiors.

“The brother said: he didn’t go wrong, he didn’t say so – and that’s all, in the isolation ward,” says Angelika Ashurmamedova. “For several months now he’s been there in the isolation ward. He’s been in jail for more than 15 days. who contacted me from the colony, generally there are two hundred days without a chance. “

Torture in a Glass

In the pre-trial detention center, inmates are constantly humiliated. “At the whim of the administration, they take them out to the courtyards for a“ stretch ”and charge them with shockers, the registrars practically do not turn on! Complaints do not go away,” the prisoners say.

For beating and torture, the so-called “glass” is used – the search room. Anzhelika Ashurmamedova and former prisoner IK-8 Alexander Bogatskov, who was released in June of this year, spoke about its existence. He was serving a sentence for selling drugs.

“There was such a room on the Seven. There were mass beatings, a check began, the prosecutor’s opera arrived, they sprayed the glass with something, it was clear that all the walls were in blood. We have the same. I myself am in this glass “it was opened. When they hit and miss, there are strips of batons on the walls. The next day everything is washed there, everything is clean, painted,” says Bogatskov.

Now he lives on strong painkillers – after only two years in the colony Alexander earned a disability. Now he is waiting for a joint replacement operation.

“When you arrive at the camp, they immediately crush you,” recalls the former prisoner. After the first beating in the colony, Bogatskov opened his veins in his hands. This led only to new bullying and threats from the guards. “Bring the salt, now we will bandage,” said officers of the FSIN.

“They threatened to pour urine, kicked, kicked, batons, from 11 a.m. to seven in the evening. At seven in the evening they took me to the isolation ward, a doctor was walking with me, she brought me to the walking yard, turned around and left, she didn’t fix the beatings. Two people came in with shifts, stretched me to a stretch, beat me with a club on the bones of the joints and knees. Then my legs were like jelly. They beat so as not to break anything. But then they overdid it, their whole back was black, “Alexander recalls.

According to Bogatskov, the management of IK-8 is particularly “bloodthirsty.” They do not beat like that in other IRs and do not constantly keep people in the punishment cell.

He also confirmed that you can end up in the isolation ward for any, even fictitious and conditional, fault. “I didn’t say hello to an employee – in a pre-trial detention center. But I greeted this squad in the morning, and they tell me: the law does not say how many times a day you should say hello. I got up a minute later after getting up, although I don’t have any hours there, took off my jacket and sat down on the floor – extend, extend (the content in the isolation ward. ) … If you agreed with the report, they say, yes, I’m guilty, you can go out in 15-30 days. If not, you’ll be sitting, ” – says Bogatskov.

Due to the constant cold, one had to sleep in jackets. Fungus and mold have grown on the walls. Bogatskov’s joints became very sore. His sister wrote numerous complaints about the conditions of his brother. A year later, he was hospitalized at the colony, and then was released for health reasons.

“The worst thing is that it’s impossible to fight it from there. Complaints do not go beyond the walls of the colony. We have a prisoner, Maxim, once wrote a complaint. When I was in the hospital, I personally handed it to the human rights ombudsman. The next day, the squad brings [complaint] to the detachment and says: “It is not allowed, Maxim, to write complaints about the administration,” says Alexander.

Now Bogatskov is going to sue UFSIN. “When I was sitting, I had one task – to go out and take revenge on them, the guards, by the same method. But at large, I realized that in this case there would be a prison again. And my relatives did so much for me that I just have no moral the right to let them down. I refused revenge. And I will act in a different way, “he concluded.

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