Motorola Razr Is Back and Everyone Is Going Crazy!

The infamous 00’s cellular phone, Motorola Razr is back and everyone is wanting to put their hands on it!

Apparently, the device will still be a flip phone but it is a bit bigger, doesn’t have its old keypad and will run on Android 9 Pie OS. It has 128GB of storage.

motorola razr
Photo source: Motorola

According to CNET, the device has a touch screen situated on the front of the phone whenever it is closed, so you can quickly access your notifications or take a quick picture.

Reportedly, the new Razr is the cheapest foldable phone from a major cellular brand and it is priced at $1,500. Not the cheapest compared to all the other cellular phones though.

Accordingly, the Motorola Razr is not the first device with a foldable screen. In September, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was finally released after a long hiatus. Huawei also released their Mate X, but it is solely available in China.

Apparently, Motorola was acquired by Lenovo nearing the end of 2014. A team of engineers from both companies was gathered in 2015 to start planning for a folding phone.

motorola razr
Photo source: CNET

Reportedly, the team wasn’t going back to the original Razr, however the team thought out that for a flexible screen, going clamshell is the answer.

Preorder for the Motorola Razr will start on December 26 but the orders will arrive around January of 2020.


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