South Korean Boat Ablaze, 1 Dead, 11 Missing

Earlier today, a South Korean fishing boat has caught fire in the southern waters of the country, which killed one fisherman and had eleven others missing.

According to coast guard officials, rescue workers found one of the fishermen unconscious in the water approximately 4.6 miles south of the boat.

He was airlifted to a hospital on Jeju island but he was pronounced dead.

Reportedly, the navy and the coast guard have deployed helicopters, boats and a patrol plane to search for survivors, Lee Geun-han, a coast guard official in Jeju said.

Accordingly, the boat has six South Korean crew members which includes the fisherman who was killed and the other six members are Vietnamese.

Strong winds and large waves have slowed down the rescue efforts involving civilian fishing vessels.

The coast guard has received a report of a fire at approximately 7 in the morning. A coast guard helicopter found the South Korean fishing boat an hour later, which had the upper part of the vessel already burnt.

Reports said that the South Korean fishing boat departed from the port of Tongyeong on November 8 and had planned to be back to the port by Monday.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has urged officials to deploy ‘every resource’ of the government for the search effort.

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