Third Case of Bubonic Plague Recorded in China

After two cases of the bubonic plague were recorded in Beijing, a third one is now confirmed coming from the region of Inner Mongolia.

Despite of the earlier declaration of China’s health officials denying the risk of an outbreak, another case has been confirmed.

Reportedly, a 55 year old man has been reported by the autonomous region’s health commission as diagnosed with the plague after he ate wild rabbit meat on November 5.

According to CNN, twenty eight people are currently under quarantined in China’s northern Inner Mongolia province after the man was diagnosed.

The World Health Organization stated that the bubonic plague is ‘the most common form of plague globally and can advance and spread to the lungs, becoming a more severe type called pneumonic plague.’

The affected patient is now quarantined and treated at a hospital in Ulanqab.

Accordingly, outbreaks in China are rare, but huge parts of the northwestern city of Yumen were sealed off in 2014 due to a 38 year old resident dying because of bubonic plague.

Bubonic plague is also known  the Black Death during the Middle Ages and is caused by the same bacteria as the pneumonic plague.

Bubonic plague can be fatal in around 90% of infected people if not treated with various types of antibiotics.

Pneumonic plague can root from bubonic plague and could lead to severe lung infection.


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