Tim Tebow Mourns Loss of Beloved Dog, Bronco

Tim Tebow formerly of the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets mourns the passing of his adored pet dog, Bronco.

The 32 year old athlete posted sad video to his Instagram before bidding his final goodbyes to his furry friend. Tebow was in tears as he fed Bronco his last snack.

Tebow also included a series of photos documenting he and Bronco’s time together since the athlete took him home as a puppy in 2010.

“One of the toughest goodbyes. Wanted to make a special tribute to the sweetest boy ever — thank you for all the joy you brought and all the memories,” he captioned the post.

“Aunt Patty, thank you for loving him, and thank you to all the other people including Miss Shea and Miss Mindy for sharing so much love with Bronco. If you had the pleasure of meeting Bronco, one of the best dogs ever, I would love to hear your story,” Tim Tebow continued.

In the video, the dog appears to struggle and Tebow tells him, “It’s okay, go to sleep….go home.”

Tebow mentioned his appreciation for animal hospitals, including SEVOMED, Blue Pearl Vet and UF Small Animal Vet Hospital, for caring for Bronco. He did not disclose Bronco’s health issues in the post.

Tim Tebow received Bronco, a “stud” Rhodesian Ridgeback, as a gift after he was selected as the 25th pick by the Denver Broncos in 2010, he told AOL.com in 2018.

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