‘Unicorn’ Meteor Shower To Grace Connecticut Skies Tonight

There’s a rare meteor shower tagged as a ‘unicorn’ Alpha Monocerotid and it is anticipated to display a spectacle of fiery streaks of light Thursday night.

In Connecticut, the National Weather Service forecast calls for some increase in clouds, which could make matters worse. Tonight, temperatures will be between mid 30’s to near 40 degrees.

According to NPR, two astronomers have predicted that the shower may last less than an hour and could give approximately 400 meteors.

Experts Peter Jenniskens and Esko Lyytinen were the ones who predicted the course of the meteor shower. They have reiterated that interested individuals should arrive at their preferred watch zone no later than 11:15 pm ET.

Reportedly, the American Meteor Society stated that observers in eastern North America, western Europe and northwestern Africa are the best locations to view the shower.

People who live in the western part of North America are not so lucky, though.

“At the time of the predicted outburst, the radiant will lie near the horizon for observers located on the west coast of North America,” American Meteor Society’s Robert Lunsford explained.

“From that location only a few long earthgazers may be seen shooting upward from the eastern horizon,” Lunsford continues.

The Alpha Monocerotids showers — named after the unicorn-shape constellation Monoceros — appears every year during late November, but it usually brings only three or four meteors per hour.

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