Who Is Camille Claudel and Why is she in Google Doodle?

Camille Claudel is a french sculptor and is considered to have pioneered in the sculpting field.

Apparently, Claudel have inspired several operas, films and songs. December 8th could have been her 155th birthday.

“Facing many challenges as a woman in art, Claudel’s determination pushed her to continually break gender molds and create even in the face of adversity,” Google stated. “Much of Claudel’s work resides in Musée Camille Claudel in Nogent-sur-Seine, which opened in 2017. Here, art lovers from around the world continue to appreciate Claudel’s oeuvre.”

When Camille Claudel was 12, her father requested for sculptor Alfred Boucher to visit er.

Boucher then noticed Claudel’s skills and pushed her to move to Paris to take up art.

While in Paris, Claudel became Auguste Rodin’s apprentice in 1884.

Her 1886 piece, “Jeune fille à la gerbe,” is widely considered to have inspired Rodin’s “Galatea,” completed a few years later.

Reportedly, Camille Claudel had a romantic relationship with her mentor and became Auguste Rodin’s muse and lover for more than a decade.

Accordingly, Cecile Bertran, the director of the Camille Claudel Museum, thought that Claudel’s association with Rodin has ‘helped her creativity.’

“Either thanks to the dialogue with his work which enriched her own, or as a reference from which she strived to distance herself,” Bertran added. “It led her to renew her inspiration and create a completely new and modern style. But at times she also seems to have felt creatively oppressed by his association. She was always keen to establish her artistic independence.”

Camille Claudel died on October 19, 1943, she was 78. Her remains were buried at the asylum where she stayed.



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