‘Abominable’ Dominates Box Office, Opens with $20.8 Million

‘Abominable’ dominated box office over the weekend with $20.8 million debut. // Photo from Forbes
Universal and Dreamworks’ Abominable conquered cinemas worldwide with its $20.8 Million opening this weekend.

The $75 million-worth animated adventure film by Jill Culton, writer and the director of Abominable, is the 3rd animated feature a yeti. This adventure drama with comedic moments and sentiment movie is about a teen girl (Yi, voiced by Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actress Chloe Bennet), attempting to cope with the death of her father who perished when he tried to rescue a yeti. Yi meets Everest (a yeti) and helps him reunite with his family.

“We saw a great opportunity for not just an opening weekend, but a strong corridor going forward,” Jim Orr, Universal’s president of domestic distribution, stated. “With this particular weekend, kids have been back in school for some time and routines have settled down.”

Moviegoers can expect more heartfelt scenes as Coldplay’s Fix You was used as the official theme song for Abominable, to speak for Everest through the lyrics.

“Sometimes I listen to songs. Sometimes I listen to the score. It helps me if I’m writing an action scene and I listen to score that’s an action piece. It helps you write to the pacing. I don’t know why. If I’m listening to music, I see images more. They just come into my head more, so it’s always helped me in writing,” Culton said.

According to Culton, the whole movie was written to the song, and it played a huge role in the movie’s success. Universal Pictures also offered a Chinese audio option for the movie by partnering with TheatherEars, an audio tech company. The Mandarin-dubbed soundtrack will be the same version that will be highlighted in the film.

Abominable TheaterEars
The Mandarin-dubbed soundtrack of Abominable will be the same version that will be featured in the film in China. // Photo from TheaterEars’ App.

How TheaterEars works
Step 1 – Download the App
Download the Theater Ears from the App Store or Google Play and follow the on-screen prompts to set up an account

Step 2 – Select Movie, Language and Showtime
Select the movie and showtime directly from the home screen in the app. From there, the user’s default language will be selected, and they will be able to download the movie audio onto their phone.

Step 3 – Plug in Your Earphones, Play, and Enjoy
After arriving at the movie theater, press the play button located at the bottom of the screen before the start of the film. Allow up to 30 seconds from the start of the movie for the Theater Ears app to sync.

“Universal celebrates the diversity of today’s moviegoers, and our partnership with TheaterEars underscores our ongoing commitment to these important audiences,” said Fabian Castro, SVP, Multicultural Marketing at Universal Pictures. “Given the setting of Abominable, we felt this was the perfect film with which to introduce a Chinese-audio option. We hope to make this beautiful film accessible to a whole new audience of multi-generational families in the language of their choosing.”

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