Actor Godfrey Gao Died Due to Heart Attack While Filming TV Show

35 year old actor and model Godfrey Gao died while filming an episode of “Chase Me” in the eastern Chinese city of Ningho.

Gao collapsed due to a heart problem while he was running.

A statement from the “Chase Me” production team has also been released.

The statement thanked “every fan who loves Godfrey” and said his death was “extremely painful”.

“Chase Me” is a show dedicated for pushing its contestants to the limits. Participants would often scale tall buildings, hang from tightropes and skid down obstacle courses to the delight of screaming fans, as per New York Times.

Godfrey Gao’s death had people outraged at the entertainment industry because of focusing on their ratings despite the safety of the participants.

“You don’t have a heart,” wrote one Weibo user, addressing the show’s producers.

“The show’s awareness of safety precautions is too poor,” Xu Zheng, a prominent actor and director, wrote on Weibo. “It must be held responsible!”

People also called for a boycott of Zhejiang Television, the state-owned channel that aired the show.

Others argued that the government should regulate reality television shows, including game shows like “Chase Me,” more strictly, noting other cases of injury and death in the industry.

Godfrey Gao also starred in the 2013 film “The Mortal Instruments” and is the first Asian model to be signed by Louis Vuitton in 2011.




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