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Sheree Solis

Sheree recently joined our Uncle Dino Team. She enjoys writing content related to entertainment, technology, and health. Sheree loves traveling, cooking and listening to music.

Emilia Clarke Was Forced To Do Some Explicit Scenes In ‘GOT’?

By Sheree Solis / November 20, 2019

Emilia Clarke plays Queen Daenerys in ‘Game of Thrones’ and she has apparently been asked to do nude scenes under pressure. Accordingly, Clarke has stated that she felt uncomfortable acting out some of her nude scenes from the renowned series. Clarke was 23 when she started to film ‘Game of Thrones.’ Apparently, she would cry […]

South Korean Boat Ablaze, 1 Dead, 11 Missing

By Sheree Solis / November 19, 2019

Earlier today, a South Korean fishing boat has caught fire in the southern waters of the country, which killed one fisherman and had eleven others missing. According to coast guard officials, rescue workers found one of the fishermen unconscious in the water approximately 4.6 miles south of the boat. He was airlifted to a hospital […]

Bei Bei The Giant Panda Bids Goodbye To The National Zoo

By Sheree Solis / November 19, 2019

Bei Bei the giant panda will be traveling to China from the Washington DC National Zoo. Reportedly, Bei Bei was named by previous First Lady Michelle Obama in 2015. The giant panda will be leaving for China on Tuesday. Bei Bei is said to be trained in a travel crate by panda keepers before it […]

South Dakota Has Some Twisted Anti-Meth Campaign

By Sheree Solis / November 19, 2019

South Dakota governor Kristi Noem was quick to defend the country’s new anti-meth campaign because the slogan was drawing in negative comments. The slogan is “Meth. We’re on it” and it features photos of different South Dakotan citizens and an image of the state itself. Apparently, Gov. Noem launched the campaign to bring awareness to […]

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