Belle Delphine Arrested? Bathwater Entrepreneur Posts Mugshot

Cosplayer and internet personality Belle Delphine was recently out of the circuit but has caught the attention of fans when she posted a ‘mugshot’ of hers on Monday.

belle delphine
Photo source: Belle Delphine Twitter account

The gamer girl was quite silent from her social media accounts since August but she promised her Patreon fans that she’ll be back and that they should look out for “an extra special month,” as per Dexerto.

It has also been reported that the Instagram personality had been scamming her Patreons because of her hiatus and lack of updates.

Apparently, one of the reasons why Belle Delphine had been quiet all summer was that her Instagram account was taken down because of “nudity or pornography,”as per Mashable.

Reportedly, on August 5, the 19 year old cosplayer stated that she was hospitalized due to food poisoning while she was vacationing in Greece. This has led to insinuations that her absence was relevant since she was still allegedly recovering.

Delphine tweeted on August 21, breaking her silence.

“Did you know an ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain? ha ha wow,” the internet personality said.

Before Belle Delphine released her ‘mugshot,’ a YouTube personality called Ethan Klein theorized that Delphine is arrested because she was trying to ship her bathwater.

“Shipping bathwater, I don’t think is legal,” Klein said through his podcast. “So all of a sudden the UK government’s like, ‘You’re selling what?’ You can’t send used bathwater, or urine or whatever else she’s sending.”

Delphine’s ‘mugshot’ was personally posted by her on Twitter.

The photo included a watermark of the Metropolitan Police in London.

Apparently, Belle Delphine was only riding on the conspiracy theory that she had been arrested and she was just riding on with the joke.

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