Big Brother Season 21 Winner Announced: Fans Disappointed?

Season 21 of Big Brother has come to an end and those that went into the finale are Jackson Michie, Nicole Anthony and Holly Allen.

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According to People, Jackson Michie was the ultimate winner since he defeated his competitor, Holly Allen by the 6-3 jury vote. Earlier in the show, Nicole Anthony was evicted and bagged the third place.

Heavy reported that Nicole Anthony was given a consolation prize of $25,000 and was voted as “America’s favorite Houseguest.”

Before the finale, Jackson Michie did defeat the other two competitors during the first part of the three-part final Head of Household, giving him an edge to part 3 on the finale night.

Accordingly, Holly Allen was triumphant over Nicole Anthony during part two of the Head of Household competition.

After taking questions from the members of the jury, Michie, 24 is crowned as the overall big winner of Big Brother 21. Allen is defeated by 3 votes which had the $500,000 prize falling into Jackson Michie’s bank account.

Holly Allen had $50,000 to take home as her rummer-up prize.

Reportedly, several fans were disappointed with the outcome of the show. One fan from Twitter stated, “No only did Jackson own up to absolutely nothing, he actually tried to defend his behavior and lie about it too. #BB21Finale”

Another one tweeted, “It really grinds my gears when cheaters get rewarded. Terrible end to this way-too-long of a season #BB21 #BB21finale #BigBroher21”

Aside from fans being disappointed, they also expressed their feelings regarding the show coming to an end.

“Dear fans, I just want to say how sad today is. One of my favorite things to do is this right here, tweet and chat about BB. I come here throughout the day and check in. I’ve met so many wonderful people and I am going to miss all of you until next season,” one hardcore fan tweeted.

Out of the sixteen hopefuls who went inside the Big Brother house, preschool aide Nicole Anthony , server Jackson Michie and wine safari guide Holly Allen were the top three.


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