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Cryptococcus gattii Fungus Believe to be Brought by 1964 Earthquake

By Sheree Solis / October 5, 2019

Recent reports state that the cause of the spread of the Cryptococcus gattii fungus two decades ago was brought about by an earthquake in Alaska way back 1964. In the wake of the 9.2 magnitude earthquake, 139 people died because of the tsunamis that occurred in the west coast area of the continent. According to […]

People Celebrate Monday For World Vegetarian Day 2019

By Sheree Solis / October 2, 2019

October 1st is World Vegetarian Day and people are loading up on their non-meat food supply to commemorate the event. Reportedly, this event is the kick off for Vegetarian Awareness Month. According to, people opt for a vegetarian diet for a reason. It is because they choose not to eat animals and that they […]

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