D’Angelo Russell Is The New Li-Ning Ambassador In the NBA

Since D’Angelo Russell’s contract with Nike has expired, he has announced on social media that he is one of the newest brand ambassadors of Li-Ning.

Russell is alongside retired NBA legend Dwayne Wade and CJ McCollum from the Portland Trail Blazers.

D’Angelo Russell went from being the No. 2 pick in the 2015 NBA draft to an All-Star last season as a member of the Swoosh family.

As per Dwayne Wade, the three-time champion, Russell is the “perfect player and person to continue the work that I started.”

“Seven years ago, I decided to do the unpopular thing — leave the shoe company I was with to sign with Li-Ning. I wanted to show the next generation of young people, especially athletes, that it’s not just one way of doing things,” he wrote.

“I had a chance to build my own brand inside of Li-Ning called Way of Wade, and to have a Global platform that gives future athletes a canvas to create and be expressive. Our motto from day one has been: Make Your Own Way.”

Aside from D’Angelo Russell being the brand ambassador of Li-Ning, the likes of Kelly Oubre and Kyle Kuzma are also being put into the limelight as brand ambassadors for Puma and Converse as they return into the hard court.


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