Fortnite is down? Blackhole Elon Musk’s Fault?

Fortnite is the biggest game in the world right now but its millions of fans and players felt indifferent since it has been unplayable since yesterday afternoon.
Photo source: The Guardian

Reportedly, the creators of the game is in talks for a new season or a new chapter, however, the multiplayer game has gone down “in every way imaginable” as per The Verge.

Hardcore fans are speculating that after Fortnite runs again, it will have a brand new map and it will be a rebooted version.

The outage began from a big asteroid in the game that started to flare up and blew up the entire map. After which, the game itself became a big black hole and people went crazy over what happened.

Consequently, when the screen became a black hole, some number have began to appear and gamers are quick to speculate whether or not they are clues.

A fan took to Twitter to say, “This is no joke @FortniteGame are fully trolling us all. If you type the numbers ’11 146 15 62 google maps’ in Google and click the first link, you get a street view of a crab rave. LMAO.”

Some Fortnite fans blamed Elon Musk for the outage since the Tesla owner tweeted a fake news article exactly a year ago saying he will buy Fortnite just to delete it.

Fans may be freaking out that it could be the end of the online shooter game but Fotrnite has a reputation of doing this kind of racket before, as per The Guardian.




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