Gender Reveal Turns Grisly; 1 Dead

A woman died from an explosion during a gender reveal party in Iowa. Since most gender reveal parties involve explosives, risks can be everywhere.

According to CNN, the casualty was a 56 year old woman. She was declared dead at the scene on Saturday in Knoxville, as per a press release from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Apparently, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office received an incoming 911 call at approximately 4 in the afternoon on Saturday, October 26. The caller said that “a woman was seriously injured after flying debris from an explosion that was part of a gender-reveal announcement had struck her.”

Accordingly, there were no details as what have caused the explosion and whether or not it involved Tannerite, an explosive that is usually used for gender reveals.

Meanwhile, a gender reveal in Arizona involving explosives and firearms ignited a fire that burned 45,000 acres and left more than $8 million in damage, as per Huffington Post.

Another instance was in Australia, a trend of doing gender reveals using cars was prevalent. During burnouts, while cars were trying to emit colored smoke, a number of cars have caught fire during the stunts.

“It’s something that’s supposed to be fun and exciting,” a retired pastor named Gary Roozeboom told CBS affiliate KCCI-TV.

“You have your family there and then, wow, everything changed in an instant,” Roozeboom continued to express his sentiments towards gender reveals.

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