Genio 110 Scooter To Be Released By Honda PH Soon?

Genio 110, the latest scooter from Honda is set to release in the Philippines tomorrow, September 21, 2019. Launched in Indonesia in June of this year, the Genio 110 is powered with the latest 110cc SHC eSP engine and has a PGM-FI injection fuel system.

The Genio 110 is reported to have a max power of 6.6 kW at 7500 rpm and a max torque of 9.3 Nm at 5500 rpm. The scooter has a max speed of 94 kph, reportedly.

Moto Sapiens went ahead and released the news earlier than the official launch which is scheduled tomorrow at Robinsons Metro East in Pasig. The new Honda scooter is alleged to be the much-awaited ADV 150.

Accordingly, the Genio 110 is a small scooter with a similar structure and design to an adventure bike. It is said to handle light off-road terrain but can also be handy for traveling in the city. The Genio 110 is reported to be an instant hit in Asia where there is a lot of areas with traffic congestion.

Reportedly, the new Honda scooter has an eSP engine technology and is said to be fuel-efficient. From the internal test using the ECE R40 method, the Genio 110 has a fuel consumption of 59.1 kilometers per liter, allowing it to travel 248 km for one full tank.

Genio 110 has an engine performance supported by an eSAF technology from Honda which is usually for cars and is only applied for the first time on a two-wheeled vehicle.

Honda Philippines is reported to release the Genio in two varieties -the CBS (Rs 84,447) and the CBS – ISS (Rs 86,032) and will have 11 colors to choose from.

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