‘Ghost Recon Breakpoint’ Pushes the Boundaries of Storytelling, Considered as Ubisoft’s Biggest Release

After its October 4th release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is touted as on of the gaming software company’s biggest release.
ghost recon breakpoint
Photo source: Gamespot

Reportedly though, Ubisoft has removed several pay-to-win transactions from the game but it might return later. A lot of fans expected that it is an expansion for Ghost Recon Wildlands but Ghost Recon Breakpoint is an entirely new experience, as per Windows Central. 

The game is a story-driven, cooperative adventure which features ‘The Walking Dead’ star Jon Bernthal.

This new release is reported to “push you further” and “you will be hunted by a powerful enemy.”

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has several micro-transactions that allow you to buy blueprints and such to tweak the way you play. On October 4th, ‘Time Saver’ items such as experience boosters, skill points and advanced weapon parts were abruptly removed from the game.

“These items were designed as an optional way for players arriving later to the game to catch up with those who have been playing for longer and enjoy our co-op and challenging end-game experiences. These ‘Time Savers’ have since been removed from our store for now,” a Ubisoft spokesperson explained.

Also upon release, the servers were temporarily down and had an error message showing in the player’s screen.

Ubisoft took to Twitter to relay the message that they are fixing the issue.

“We’re aware of the issues affecting connectivity on Ghost Recon Breakpoint and are working towards resolving this ASAP,” this was their first tweet.

Followed by, “The issues should now be fixed. Thank you for your patience and have fun in the game!” which had gamers rejoicing.

Watch the trailer here:

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