Hoda Kotb Now Engaged to Joel Schiffman

Roni Sen
By Roni Sen / November 25, 2019
hoda kotb

After six years of being in a relationship, Hoda Kotb and fiancé Joel Schiffman are now engaged.

The 55 year old morning show anchor has revealed on Monday’s episode of ‘Today’ that Schiffman asked the million dollar question during their tropical vacation.

“I have to tell you something that a friend of mine — a friend of ours — asked me to let you guys in on a secret,” Kotb told her co-hosts. “… I’ll give you her initials. Her initials are Hoda Kotb and she’s engaged.”

The anchor then excitedly held out her hand, showing the ring on her finger, which had her fellow hosts asking how she kept the ring secret during the broadcast.

“I had it in my bra!” Hoda Kotb exclaims pertaining to the ring. “I just put it on.”

The ‘Today Show’ anchor then went on to explain how Schiffman, 61, had his proposal going.

“Joel proposed to me. It was a good trip,” she said. “I was totally shocked… We went on our usual vacation. We ended up having a little dinner on the beach. And I was like, we were done with the dinner, I was eating the churros, I looked in the bottom of the bowl, and he was like, ‘I have something else I’d like to say.’ And he said some beautiful things and then he got down on one knee and then he said, ‘Will you be my wife?’ I said, ‘Yes!'”

Congratulations, Hoda Kotb and Joel Schiffman!

Tyler Corgiat - November 26, 2019

Hoda Kotb is getting marrrriiieed! And to Joel Schiffman of all people. The ring is insane! I’ll take that beatiful ring please and thank you!

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