Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel’ ‘Do on ‘Friends’ Makes A Comeback

Jennifer Aniston is a household name thanks to the legacy of NBC’s “Friends.” This sitcom turned coffee drinking into art, made being “on a break” moral and made shouting “pivot!” when moving a furniture quite normal.

However, “Friends” was at its peak when it made a simple hairstyle into a revolutionary comeback. Every woman during the 90’s flocking into salons to get “The Rachel.”

Jennifer Aniston’s character’s hairstyle was created by hair stylist Chris McMillan and Aniston wore it first during the April 1995 episode of “Friends” titled “The One With the Evil Orthodontist.”

The ‘do had a layered, shag-cut with highlights in order for it to be perfect for the TV. “The Rachel” might look a bit too “Hollywood” for Aniston’s character then but it actually fits into the world of “Friends” and their spacious Manhattan buildings.

In the mid-1990’s at the peak of “Friends” second and third seasons, reports of salons from Los Angeles to New York flooding with requests for Jennifer Aniston’s haircut was raised. Women came rushing in with a copy of “TV Guide” in their hands for reference. Some would come playing a recorded episode of the show just so the hair stylists can copy the infamous hairstyle accurately.

A good hair day for Rachel Green on a weekday night would mean cold hard cash for the hair stylists during the weekend. “That show has made us a bunch of money,” Lisa Pressley, a hair stylist from Alabama, said way back 1996. Pressley added that she was doing four “The Rachel’s” every week to women aged 13 to 30.

A different hair stylist pointed out that during that time, 40 percent of her female clients came in to get “The Rachel.”

Truly, Jennifer Aniston’s hairdo did make a comeback. Rachel Green’s iconic haircut is being followed and copied by hardcore “Friends” fans until now. Chris McMillan’s skill is still emanating 25 years after.


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