‘Joker’ Box Office Leader for 2 Weeks Now

The ‘Joker’ movie is on its second week now and apparently, it is still leading the box office. Warner Bros. declared that the Joaquin Phoenix starred movie gained approximately $55 million coming from NorthAmerican theaters during the weekend.
Photo source: The New York Times

The domestic total of the critically acclaimed film amounts to $192.7 million as of today.

Internationally, the movie accumulated $123.7 million from 79 markets, amounting to $543.9 million as its global total.

According to Boston, the R-rated villain origin story busted newcomers such as “The Addams Family” and Will Smith’s “Gemini Man” from the charts.

Accordingly, the Todd Phillips directed movie only dipped 43 percent on its second week compared to its initial screening.

“These are incredible numbers and really reflect how interested and excited people were,” senior media analyst of Comscore, Paul Dergarabedian stated.

Despite of the major audience rating ‘Joker’ as “violent, boring and disdainful,” the movie still had its highs like winning at the Venice Film Festival.

“It shows that content wins. A great movie will rise up above all the noise over whatever controversy or security concerns there were,” Dergarabedian added. “You’re totally left out of the water cooler conversation if you haven’t seen ‘Joker.”

Aside from reports of crazed members of the audience during the initial screening week, the movie has gained more record breaking feats.

According to CBR, the origin movie of the Clown Prince of Crime had made it the highest grossing movie for Robert De Niro who played Murray Franklin.

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