K-pop Star Sulli Dead, Criticized Over Wardrobe Mishap

Sulli was found dead by her manager at her house in Sujeong-gu, Seongnam in the Gyeonggi province in South Korea.
Photo source: The Sun

She was 25 and a former f(x) star. Reportedly, she was found dead around 3:20 in the afternoon when her manager went into her home, since he couldn’t contact her, as per Metro.

Accordingly, the police are speculating that her death was a possible suicide.

“It seems that Choi was living alone at the house. It looks like she ended her life but we will investigate, open to all possibilities,” a police official stated, as per The Straits Times.

Sulli was only 11 when she first got discovered in 2005. She played Princess Seonhwa of Silla in ‘Ballad of Seodong,’ an SBS drama show.

Her real name is Choi Jin-ri and she reportedly stopped her K-pop career in 2014 after people had abused her online. She was a member of K-pop girl group f(x), which she officially left in 2015, but she was known to have remained under the management of SM Entertainment.

Earlier this month, the singer actress went viral over the internet because of a wardrobe malfunction which exposed her nipples.

“Bras have wires, they are not good for health. Not wearing one is comfortable. That is something beautiful and natural,” Sulli stated when netizens questioned her for not wearing a bra.



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