Kate Beckinsale Is Convinced That Her Lookalike Is Ryan Reynolds

Kate Beckinsale may be finalizing her divorce with ex husband Len Wiseman, but in her recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, the “Underworld” actress insists that she looks like Ryan Reynolds.
kate beckinsale
Photo source: Kate Beckinsale Twitter

The 46 year old actress declared that she looks “exactly” like the “Deadpool” actor on Sunday’s “Tonight Show” episode.

According to Daily Mail, Beckinsale admits that she gets gets confused every time she sees posters with Ryan Reynolds’ face in them.

“I look exactly like Ryan Reynolds. Like in a shocking way,” the actress said.

“Like sometimes I see a bus going by with a poster on and I think, “Damn, I look hot… wait, it’s not me. Also, I’ve never done that movie,” the actress continued. “He’s like a big Canadian man and I really see myself in him. ”

Kate Beckinsale also joked on how she would not want to work with Blake Lively’s husband cause they eerily look the same.

“I can’t be in the same rom as him,” the “Love & Friendship” star joked. “Because one of us, I think, would explode or something would happen.”

Meanwhile, Kate Beckinsale was also reported to have high flexibility because of a viral video of her circulating in the internet.

“My mom texted me and said that in England, people think I’ve got a fake leg,” Beckinsale said.

“I did a vide of myself in the gym stretching and I’m quite flexible so now there’s a thought that possibly I’ve got a pretend leg. Which If I have I’ve kept it awfully quiet for decades,” the actress added.




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