Lost City Found in Cambodia Through Aerial Scanning?

On Tuesday, reports have surfaced regarding a ‘Lost City’ that was found in Cambodia. According to CNN Travel, the search operations was a project that took several years.
lost city
Photo source: Mirror

A group of scientists from across all areas of the globe used aerial laser scans and ground based surveying to trace Mahendraparvata or the Mountain of Indra, King of the Gods.

Apparently the discovered lost city is of the Khmer Empire and that Mahendraparvata was the eighth to ninth century capital of the empire. Scientists have struggled to pin its location but it was already believed to have existed in Cambodia during the Angkor period.

Accordingly, archaeological evidence of this lost city was previously described as “scatter of small and apparently isolated shrines,” as per Daily Mail.

“Despite knowing that the Phnom Kulen mountains likely hid traces of a Khmer capital city, archaeologists have had difficulty accessing the region,” the scientists explained in a statement according to a paper published in the journal “Antiquity.”

“The mountains are covered in dense vegetation and they were one of the last strongholds of Khmer Rouge guerillas until the 1990’s -land mines and unexploded ordnance continue to pose a threat to communities living and working in the mountains and complicate archaeological research.”

As reported by Fox News, the scientists utilized LiDAR or Light Detection and Ranging technology which used a laser and can be extremely useful in studying areas with thick vegetation.

The ancient lost city is located in the Phnom Kulen higlands, 30 miles north of the famous Siem Reap.

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