Louvre Museum Pays Tribute To Da Vinci For His 500th Death Anniversary

Louvre museum pays tribute to Leonardo da Vinci by opening a blockbuster retrospective for the renowned artist on Thursday to commemorate his death.

According to Asia Tattler, approximately 200,000 people have already prearranged their slots in line for the display. Apparently, this exhibition is the biggest ever organized tribute for the Renaissance painter’s ineffaceable contributions to the world -giving emphasis on his painting.

Reportedly the showcase is simply titled “Leonardo da Vinci” and has been planned for approximately a decade. It grouped Da Vinci’s 162 works and includes 24 drawings loaned by the Royal Collection owned by Queen Elizabeth II of Britain.

Accordingly, The British Museum, the Hermitage of Saint Petersburg and the Vatican also contributed, as well as Italy.

Those who will visit will experience a virtual reality part of the exhibition that goes deep into the story about the infamous “Mona Lisa.”

Photo source: The Times

“We wished, in order to pay homage to the artist, to be able to show the entirety of Leonardo Da Vinci’s career and his development and to explain, ultimately, the sense of his life,” stated curator Bincent Delieuvin as per The Associated Press.

There will be no-shows during the exhibit starting with the Mona Lisa. The organizers decided that the infamous painting will remain the Salle des Etats of the Louvre.

The other no-show is the Salvator Mundi, the most expensive painting ever sold. It is currently priced at $450 million.

The exhibit will run until February 24, 2020.

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