McDonald’s Philippines To Bring Back 90’s Happy Meal Toys

Today’s children will get to have a feel of what millennials felt during the 90’s when McDonald’s had Happy Meal toys that are age appropriate during that time.

Yesterday, McDonald’s Philippines has announced that on the weekend, they will be bringing back some of the most iconic Happy Meal toys in commemoration with the 40th anniversary of Happy Meal.

Reportedly, the Happy Meal toys were first launched worldwide in 1979, the craze reached the Philippines not until 1997.

According to Coconuts Manila, fourteen toys released by the fast food giant from the 1990’s until 2013 will be re-launched in participating McDonald’s branches across the country from Thursday until Sunday.

Filipinos shall enjoy a five day window to grab their nostalgic Happy Meal toys.

With this kind of promotion, there is always a catch. Customers who will be purchasing a Happy Meal from Thursday to Sunday will not be allowed to pick which toy they will receive.

Accordingly, it will be a surprise on which toy customers will receive but one lucky customer could grab a Tamagotchi. A 90’s trendy egg shaped device that is actually a virtual pet that you need to feed and care for.

The following are the throwback toys that customers can possibly receive on their McDonald’s Happy Meal: Hello Kitty, Furby, Tamagotchi and My Little Pony, Patti the Platypus, Space Jam Bugs Bunny, Hamburglar, Hot Wheels Thunderbird, Grimace, Hamburger and Dino Happy Meal Box Changeables and McNugget buddies: Cowboy, Mail Carrier and Fireman.

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