Mekeni Picnic Hotdog Confirmed to Have African Swine Fever?

The Philippine Department of Agriculture and Bureau of Animal Industry has confirmed that selected Mekeni products such as picnic hotdog and skinless longganisa are positive to have African Swine Fever.

According to ABSCBN, Mekeni Food Corporation stated that it is ‘committed to produce the best quality products’ after the aforementioned processed pork products tested positive for ASF.

Accordingly, the Pampanga based food corporation declared that it would work hand in hand with government investigators to single out the contaminants.

“In our 32 years of operations , we always promise to provide our customer with the best quality products. We will not waver on this commitment,” a rep from Mekeni stated.

Reportedly, the Bureau of Animal Industry states that Mekeni Food Corp. was the one to request the conduction of the two validation tests for African Swine Fever.

The Undersecretary of the Philippines Department of Health, Eric Domingo said that they first started to inspect larger meat processing plants and that they were able to inspect 63 out of 178 licensed meat processing plants as of this writing.

“We found them compliant with regulatory standards,” Undersecretary Domingo said.

On October 26th, Mekeni Food Corp. has pulled out its processed meat products in the market, due to the reports that some of those products have African Swine fever.

According to the World Health Organization for Animal Health, African swine fever is contagious to pigs but it has no adverse effects on human health.

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