Miley Cyrus Not Over Liam Hemsworth Split?

Miley Cyrus may be seen canoodling with Cody Simpson but it seems that the ‘Hanna Montana’ star is not yet over her ex-husband.
miley cyrus
Photo source: Cosmopolitan

The 26 year old singer actress has been married to Hemsworth for just less than a year before they called it quits on August 1oth. Apparently, Cyrus has been dropping cryptic hints about her breakup with the 29 year old Australian actor.

According to Mirror, Cyrus left a comment on a post about ghosting, hinting that her ex might have done it to her.

“Stop being weird! Own your desires! Other people are people, even the ones you don’t want to f**k anymore,” the post read.

“Just break up with someone -don’t ghost or ‘fizz,’ a trendy new name for that age-old dating practice where you end things with someone by cutting off contact,” the caption said.

Miley Cyrus was reported to have commented “#Dignity” on the post. Which had fans speculating that she was dropping some hints to Hemsworth.

The ‘The Last Song’ actress is now reportedly dating singer Cody Simpson. E! News reported that the two are inseparable and that they were spotted grabbing coffee at the Blue Bottle Coffee in Studio City on Saturday.

Miley Cyrus also had a relationship with Kaitlynn Carter and they have called it quits last month.

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