National Black Cat Day Celebrated To End Stigma

Halloween is coming and so is National Black Cat Day. A local shelter in Comox Valley has celebrated National Black Cat day and that they have stated that the belief that black cats being a bad omen is completely false.

Lee-Ann Phillips, the manager and owner of the Kitty Cat Prevent-A-Litter Society in Comox said that they are always asked if they refuse to adopt black cats.

“No, but they don’t go as quick. They can lag behind by a couple of days. Some research says it’s because they don’t show as well in a picture in than colorful cats, but they always go,” Phillips answered.

“There are people that love black cats and go after black cats, the same as people that love the orange cats or the grey fluffy cats,” Phillips added.

According to CNN, black cats are less likely to be adopted and some people even go out of the way to harm them.

National Black Cat Day is celebrated to lessen the stigma towards black cats and for celebrating the fact that black cats are also lovable and cute.

Reportedly, in Ireland, Britain and Japan, a black cat crossing your path is actually a sign of good luck.

According to the ASPCA, there are more black cats than any other color. It is actually because the most dominant genes are those that cause black coloration.

“The fact remains that there are more black cats and dogs in need of homes and they often benefit from additional promotion and attention in shelters across the country due to their sheer numbers in comparison to animals with different kinds of coats,” an ASPCA spokesperson stated.

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