PlayStation 5 Release Date Confirmed: Holiday 2020

Sony PlayStation has a next generation console that is set to be released by holiday 2020.
Photo source: Forbes

It is confirmed that the new console from the company will be called the PlayStation 5. Reportedly, Sony is set to make changes to the controller of the new console.

One of the reported change is to replace the current rumble technology that Sony has been using since PlayStation 1 into a new haptic feedback technology that will give a “broader range of feedback,” as per The Verge.

Accordingly, Sony will also revise how the PS5 will be handling storage. The console’s new soli-state drive will not only allow games to boot up faster and reduce loading. It will also come with a new way of handling game installation.

“Rather than treating games like a big block of data,” system architect Mark Cerny stated. “We’re allowing finer-grained access to the data.”

As reported by CNET, the PlayStation 5 will make use of ray tracing which is a new way of handling the lighting in a game.

AMD already declared that they were working Sony to create custom hardware to power the new system.

Sony has already confirmed that PS5 dev kits are already with the developers who are already crafting up new games for the new console’s release.


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