Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Is Back, Crowd Waits in Line

Fast food chain Popeyes Chicken which is located in Miami, Florida has brought back their infamous chicken sandwich on November 3 and people have been waiting in line to take their share.

In line with Halloween, Americans also celebrate National Sandwich Day, which is fitting with the release of the legendary chicken sandwich from Popeyes.

Apparently, the fast food giant has been teasing the re-release of the chicken sandwich for two months, as per Quartzy.

“Y’all… the sandwich is back Sunday, November 3rd. Then every day,” Popeyes Chicken tweeted.

Rumors of releasing the chicken sandwich on a Sunday while Chick-Fil-A is closed also surfaced, since the latter is Popeyes main rival.

Back in August, the infamous chicken sandwich was touted as “sold out for now.”

Another reason why people have lined up on their November 3 release.

People have reported that the linesĀ  have been long and apparently, everybody had the same sentiments.

“Live report from husband, who is sitting in neighborhood Popeyes drive-thru: ‘It looks like Armageddon,” a Twitter user and New York Times writer named Erica L. Green tweeted.

Another Popeyes fanatic, YouTuber Boogie Travels also took to Twitter to joke about giving up his day job to start selling chicken sandwiches.

“I am quitting YouTube to resell Popeyes chicken sandwiches online. Only 14 bucks each. Hmu,” Boogie Travels said.

“We plan to offer it to our guests for a long time,” a rep from Popeyes told CNN. “We are confident that we’ll be able to meet the demand.”




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