Robert Pattinson Gets Ready for ‘Batman’ Through ‘The Lighthouse’?

It has been confirmed that Robert Pattinson is the new Batman and that a new movie starring Bruce Wayne is underway. However, the ‘Twilight’ actor also made waves because of his latest movie, ‘The Lighthouse.’

Pattinson is opposite Oscar nominee Willem Dafoe in the black and white drama film. The duo play as lighthouse caretakers marooned on a lonely island tryin to fight for their sanity. According to ABC, “it’s hard to categorize” and that’s what Robert Pattinson liked the most about it.

“I guess I’m always looking for originality,” the 33 year old actor states. “There are so many elements which you don’t see in other movies. It’s kind of a formal aesthetic and there’s this kind of descent into madness and it’s done in such a kind of humorous strange way, I mean, lots of elements felt very original. It was definitely up my alley,” he continued.

robert pattinson
Photo source: USA Today

Co-star Willem Dafoe also expressed his esteem towards Pattinson in a recent interview with Daniela Michel in Morelia, Mexico.

“He’s a hard worker, very self effacing; a nice guy,” the ‘Spiderman’ actor quipped. “He never liked to rehearse or plan anything because he wanted everything to be a surprise.”

According to Variety, the duo rehearsed for five days though mainly for precision placements for the camera during the film, which is set in 1890 with a 1.19:1 aspect ratio.

‘The Lighthouse’ is a Rated R film and will have its nationwide release on Friday, October 25th.

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