Russian Circus In Frenzy After Bear Attacks Handler

A Russian circus in Olonets was under panic when the circus bear mauled and attacked its handlers during a show on Wednesday.

The circus is located in the northwest part of the country, approximately 120 miles northeast of St. Petersburg.

A clip of the video shows the bear pushing wheelbarrow, walking and standing on its hind legs before it mauls the handler and pulls him to the ground to continue attacking. The audience was screaming and in definite frenzy, which is evident on the video, where another member of the circus kicks the rogue bear while it mauls its handler.

“People started to jump up. A panic started. Everyone grabbed their kids and started running,” an eyewitness named Galina Guryeva stated.

Reportedly, an online site, cites a witness declaring that another witness saw the bear going into the audience before it was touched by an electric-shock emitting device.

According to NBC News, the Interfax news agency cited that the Investigative comittee has opened a criminal investigation on the Russian circus on a charge of providing unsafe services.

Speculations if this bear is the same as the one filmed wailing on a fenced and used as an advertisement for a Russian circus also surfaced.

russian circus
Photo source: The Siberian Times via Daily Mail

According to Daily Mail, the black bear was probably an Asiatic or a Himalayan bear and its hind legs were tied to a hospital fence while being filmed, as an advertisement for a traveling Russian circus.

However, local official Elena Stepanova, was quick to defend the traveling circus and the wiling bear.

Allegedly, the young bear was only ‘talking’ and that it was only waiting to be fed.

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