Salma Hayek Celebrates 12M Instagram Followers By Posting Risqué Photo

Actress Salma Hayek celebrated her 12 million fans on Instagram by posting a photo of herself while she was in an acupuncture session.


salma hayek instagram
Photo source: Salma Hayek Instagram

The ‘Once Upon a Time in Mexico’ actress made sure that her fans know she was thankful for them by posting that photo.

“I’m very grateful to all of y for you love and support. Yaaay!!! You have gotten me to the 12 million. A needle for health and well-being representing each million of you,” the 53 year old actress captioned her risqué photo.

A fan commented, “The most beautiful woman on Earth.” While another fan said “You deserve every single one of those 12 million.”

The ‘Frida’ actress has a reputation of being frank and transparent in her posts. She also once posted that she was “proud” of her white hair.

According to Insider, the mother of one also thanked her fans on August 26th when she reached 11.1 million followers on Instagram.

Salma Hayek also does not shy away from talking about her age. She once posted a photo of her wearing a bikini and without any makeup and captioned it ” #nature #naturaleza .”

“The worst part of the aging process has been my eyes,” she declared in 2017. “Not the wrinkles -the eyes themselves. I’m such a visual person and (now) I cannot read without depending on glasses… It has been really, really sad. The eyes, for me, that’s worse than the menopause.”

Hayek has a 12 year old daughter named Valentina and is married to businessman Francois Henri Pinault.


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