South Dakota Has Some Twisted Anti-Meth Campaign

South Dakota governor Kristi Noem was quick to defend the country’s new anti-meth campaign because the slogan was drawing in negative comments.

The slogan is “Meth. We’re on it” and it features photos of different South Dakotan citizens and an image of the state itself.

Apparently, Gov. Noem launched the campaign to bring awareness to the meth situation in South Dakota and the ad had gone viral.

“The mission of the campaign is to raise awareness -to get people talking about how they can be part of the solution and not just the problem,” Gov. Noem said.

“It is working,” she continued.

“This is our problem and together, we need to get on it,” the Governor declared.

Kristi Noem tagged the new anti-meth campaign as a “bold, innovative effort like the nation has never before seen.”

According to USA Today, South Dakota’s Department of Social Services paid an ad agency from Minnesota approximately $449,000 this fall for their work on the campaign.

“I am confident South Dakota can lead the country in this effort and demonstrate ways we can aggressively combat addiction and spark opportunities for recovery,” Governor Noem further said.

Apparently people were confused with regards to the anti-drug campaign.

“It seems that if I’m on meth, I can live to a ripe old age, eat in restaurants, play football with my pals and have a family. That sounds much better than the life I’m having now. Somebody get me some meth,” a Twitter user posted

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem in turn posted, “Hey Twitter, the whole point of this ad campaign is to raise awareness. So I think that’s working.”


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