Spotify Integrates with Snapchat: Does It Work?

Spotify can now be shared in Snapchat. Spotify is a music streaming platform where users can listen to their favorite tracks anywhere no matter what time. Snapchat, on the other hand is a messaging app that is famous for its funky filters.

spotify snapchat

With Spotify and Snapchat’s integration, soon users of both apps can share what they are listening to through a snap.

Apparently, what users have to do to share the music your listening  to to Snapchat is to go into your Spotify app, press on the three dots on the top right, then tap on share and choose among all the social apps you can see, Snapchat included. Again, the options to tap on the social media apps will only appear if you have them installed on your phone.

If a user will share a Snap with a track, playlist or podcast, the receiving user will tap on it and Spotify will play and open right away.

The integration between the two social media apps will be rolling out in both Android and iOS. According to Adweek, the developer of this integration is through Snap Inc.’s Creative Kit, which allows people who use Snapchat to share media from external sites or apps.

Accrodingly, Creative Kit is part of Snap Kit, a suite of tools devoted to developers and SnapChat reports that over 200 apps did have integrations through Snap Kit.

Spotify has numerous features as well. Like the ability to share playlists and tracks using a QR code. Moreover, you can also add Spotify to maps. This mean you no longer need to go back to the Spotify app to change your music while you are navigating in your car.


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