‘Stranger Things” David Harbour Is Bipolar?

David Harbour plays Hawkins County Sheriff Jim Hopper in the sci-fi Netflix series ‘Stranger Things.’ And recently, he has opened up about his bipolar disorder diagnosis during an appearance on a UK podcast.
Photo source: Elle

According to Mirror, the 44 year old actor had been diagnosed with the disorder during his 20’s and he recently spoke about it with Jim Daly and Giles Paley- Phillips on the Blank podcast. 

“First of all, the interesting thing about my own particular brand of it is that I ever have an episode when I’m working,” Harbour stated about his disorder.

“So in some way I’ve generally been able to see a link between my own creative energies when they are channelled into some kind of work form and that when they are not channelled that it goes off into some kind of madness,” he continued.

Harbour declared that since his disorder is giving him issues when he is not working, it is necessary that he is keeping himself busy.

“In that way, it has made working even more vital to me, it’s kind of a lifeline,” he further continued.

“There are these things in society, that we very much tout, like medications and things like that and I think they are all good.”

“It’s important for me to be an artist and I think if I wasn’t an artist I’d be a lot worse off and has made work more vital,” the ‘Stranger Things’ actor continued.

Harbour’s character was presumably dead in the ‘Stranger Things’ but speculations of him returning to the screen for the 4th season of the sci-fi series has been reported.



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