Sulli To Have Private Wake: Filmed a Commercial Prior to Her Death

K-pop idol Sulli was found unresponsive in the second floor of her home on October 14 at 3:20 in the afternoon. At 3:29 pm, medics confirmed she was dead.
Photo source: Sulli Instagram account

Accordingly, her manager was in touch with her a day before she passed away.

“The last time I talked with Sulli was the night before around 6:30 pm. I haven’t heard from her since then so I came over to her and found her dead,” he stated, as per Metro. 

Apparently, the K-pop star was reportedly filming an ad for the brand Stretch Angels on Sunday, at Gwanggyo, Suwon.

The 25 year old star actually shared a post via her Instagram, showing off the gifts that the brand sent her.

Accordingly, the post was the last post of Sulli on Instagram following her death. She has 6 million followers.

As per The Straits Times, Sulli’s management agency, SM Entertainment, stated that there will be a private funeral for the star and that the venue will not be disclosed.

The K-pop idol’s family also wanted “Sulli’s last journey” to be “beautiful.”

Reportedly, the medics declared that the singer actress had showed signs of cardiac arrest and that a case has been turned over to the police.

The police have reported to have found a notepad full of Sulli’s handwritten notes about her life.

The K-pop star’s death is an example of celebrities failing to fulfill the intense pressure of the K-pop industry.

“Thousands of wannabe K-pop stars compete at regular American Idol- style cattle calls. Those lucky enough to make it to the next level spend years learning their craft inside secretive K-pop training camps, where they’re sometimes subjected to dangerous diets, strict social rules (no dating), grueling rehearsal schedules and mandated plastic surgery and skin-whitening procedures,” a report from Hollywood Reporter stated, that angered fans of K-pop group BTS.

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