Zara Has A New Collection And It Will Be Viral

Zara is famous for releasing new products biweekly, specifically on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, the international brand’s “studio collections” are far more special.
Photo source: WhoWhatWear

Apparently, the round-the-clock work of their team of 300 designers have produced a new and coveted collection called the “Campaign Collection.”

“Campaign is separate from Zara Woman in the sense that we don’t have to reply to customers,” one of the designers from the team said, as per Refinery 29.

“Rather the opposite; customers either fall in love with the collection, or they don’t,” the designer continued.

Reportedly, the new campaign is “full of standout pieces and a reversible faux fus collared coat that’s soon to go viral.”

Furthermore, the said collection “was inspired from the french; a kind of sexy, crazy type of woman,” another designer stated. The “Campaign Collection” is said to be conceived at Zara’s head campus in A Coruña, Spain.

Accordingly, the collection has 37 final pieces but there were around 80 designed prototypes in total, with uniform silhouettes done in a variety of patterns and colors.

“The goal with this collection was to test mixing different clothes together,” said another designer from the team.

Meanwhile, Koh Kobayashi of Uniqlo has answered a question pertaining to Zara on a recent The Global Fashion Business Journal interview.

Kobayashi was asked if he was “afraid of Zara? Or should Zara fear you?”

“We don’t think Zara is our biggest competitor, everything is a competition. You know, customers only ave one wallet, not many. It’s up to them deciding if they send this money in traveling, in an iPhone, in buying a suit or buying clothes. So not only Zara, everything is a competition, that is why we have to focus in our concept, make the customer understand it,” the Director of Operations of Uniqlo answered.

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